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Building Begins at Keyo Kodindo Primary School

Greetings from Bondo and best of our regards from my family and all the friends here!  On April 16, 2012, we began construction of class #8 in Bondo Village, East Africa. The students of class #8 are looking forward to being able to take their final exams in their new classroom this year with the […]

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Dr. Dennis Sempewba

n 1997 Dr. Dennis Sempewba ministered at The Anointed Ones Ministries with the Christian gospel recording artists group Limit X for the Youth World Explosion. Ugandan-born Dennis D. Sempebwa has been in full time ministry for over 3 decades, and has served in over 60 countries. He is well known for his work as co-founder […]

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Anointed Ones Church and Pitt Community College Partner for Student Success

     total of fifteen students are now high school graduates as a result of the partnership between Pitt Community College Basic Skills Program and The Anointed Ones Church. PCC began a basic skills class at the church in the fall of 2008. Since that time, ninety-nine individuals have attended over 5000 hours of class […]

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White Gazelle’s Tours and Enterprises

If you need a wonderful tour agency while traveling in Kenya, please contact White Gazelle Tours and Enterprises. George Otieno (Founder & Director) and staff have always treated Apostle Ruth Peterson and team members with the utmost integrity and care. – Julie Ahart  White Gazelle Tours and Enterprises is a non-profit travel agency that […]

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Apostle Ruth Peterson Business Meeting in Nairobi, Kenya

On October 6, 2011 Apostle Ruth Peterson held a leadership  meeting with the following business that have partnered with her in Nairobi, Kenya;   White Gazelle Tours and Enterprises,  Little Rock Inclusive ECD Center, Kibera Slums Community Development Program (KISCODEP), Conquerors Gathering Center and ‘Grace and Truth Ministries. During this meeting Apostle Peterson shared with the […]

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Apostle Peterson & Team Members Meet Sarah Obama

Kogelo Village & USA “Kogelo village”, was described by US President Barack Obama, during his inauguration, as the “small village where my father was born”. The “small village”, formally made up of unpaved roads and no electricity, has become a merging city with shops, schools, and a Health Center. Since the election of President Barak […]

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Apostle Peterson & Team Members Visit Bondo Village Western Kenya

“First I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for knowing me deeply and also finding where my roots and your roots are, in Bondo Village Western, Kenya. Being a part of the activities and services that White Gazelle offers the Village/Community visit in Bondo was very much welcomed and it gave […]

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Apostle Ruth Peterson & team travel to Little Rock Inclusive ECD Center

Turning Early Years Scars into Stars Apostle Ruth Peterson and members of The Anointed Ones Mission Team visited the Little Rock Inclusive Early Child Care and Development Centre in Nairobi, Kenya in October, 2011. Little Rock was founded by Lilly Oyare in 2003. “Little Rock” is dedicated in providing a nurturing environment for critical early […]

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Food Bank And The Anointed Ones Ministries Respond To Hurricane Irene In Eastern NC

On the morning of Aug 27, 2011 Hurricane Irene made landfall on the coast of North Carolina. Being our first major hurricane this year, this storm came in with a fury. It caused major flooding, power outages and damage in Eastern, NC. Due to this storm 54 counties in NC have been designated for federal […]

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As a Result of Apostle Ruth Peterson’s radio Broadcast in Florida Brother Bill called in today at 10:15am. He stated that he has been under serious demonic attack. He passed out several times this week due to health conditions and received food poisoning a few days later. He was released from the hospital last night, […]

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