Preparation For Restoration
"One Word From God Can Change Your Life."

n this hour, the body of Christ is in desperate need of restoration.  To be restored, we must prepare ourselves.  This God-inspired literary work will guide you along the way.  “Preparation for Restoration” will encourage you to return to your first love, to the God of your Father.  Filled with encouraging words and foundational principles, this book nourishes the spirit and renews the mind.  As you read this book, be open unto the Spirit, because one Word from God can change your life.

About the Author:


r. Ruth Peterson is a 21st century leader, the Founder and Senior Pastor of Anointed Ones Church of Deliverance International, Anointed Ones Evangelistic Team, and Anointed Ones Fellowship of Ministers & Churches.  She is a prolific visionary, entrepreneur, and pioneer with a mandate to fortify  families, cultivate spiritual leaders, and transform men and women.  With over 25 outreach ministries, Dr. Peterson is committed to reaching the nations of the world, and to build a people that will be strong and innovative for the kingdom of God.

For over 30 years, Dr. Peterson has been in full-time ministry with the heart of a true servant.  As a woman of revelation, veracity, leadership, and compassion, she has ministered expansively on four continents in over sixty-four nations.

Dr. Peterson is insightful and renowned as a vessel of much prayer, prophetic insight, expository instruction, and powerful preaching.  Her ministry is life-changing, applicable to everyday issues, and transcends denominational and racial barriers.  The multi-faceted aspects of her ministry and the love of God emanating from her, has impacted the lives of thousands.  Because of her labor of love, she has been honored with numerous prestigious tributes.

Dr. Peterson can be heard on radio, television, Facebook, and YouTube with dynamic and captivating messages conveying that “One Word from God Can Change Your Life.”

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