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Another Busy Week in Bondo Kenya!

Update: Another busy week in Bondo, Kenya! Thanks to God & the contributions of Apostle Ruth Peterson and (AOC)! The project is really taking shape!! ~ George Otieno ~  

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Building Begins at Keyo Kodindo Primary School

Greetings from Bondo and best of our regards from my family and all the friends here!¬† On April 16, 2012, we began construction of class #8 in Bondo Village, East Africa. The students of class #8 are looking forward to being able to take their final exams in their new classroom this year with the […]

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Anointed Ones Church and Pitt Community College Partner for Student Success

    ¬†total of fifteen students are now high school graduates as a result of the partnership between Pitt Community College Basic Skills Program and The Anointed Ones Church. PCC began a basic skills class at the church in the fall of 2008. Since that time, ninety-nine individuals have attended over 5000 hours of class […]

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