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How To Receive a Father’s Mantle

his story of Elijah and Elisha has shed incredible insight and revelation on how the mantle of ministry is transferred. The double portion anointing was not the purpose of Elisha’s pursuit, it was the reward of it! There is always a great reward for sons and daughters who know God has linked them to a […]

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Dr. Dennis Sempewba

n 1997 Dr. Dennis Sempewba ministered at The Anointed Ones Ministries with the Christian gospel recording artists group Limit X for the Youth World Explosion. Ugandan-born Dennis D. Sempebwa has been in full time ministry for over 3 decades, and has served in over 60 countries. He is well known for his work as co-founder […]

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Apostle Peterson & Team Members Meet Sarah Obama

Kogelo Village & USA “Kogelo village”, was described by US President Barack Obama, during his inauguration, as the “small village where my father was born”. The “small village”, formally made up of unpaved roads and no electricity, has become a merging city with shops, schools, and a Health Center. Since the election of President Barak […]

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Apostle Ruth Peterson & team travel to Little Rock Inclusive ECD Center

Turning Early Years Scars into Stars Apostle Ruth Peterson and members of The Anointed Ones Mission Team visited the Little Rock Inclusive Early Child Care and Development Centre in Nairobi, Kenya in October, 2011. Little Rock was founded by Lilly Oyare in 2003. “Little Rock” is dedicated in providing a nurturing environment for critical early […]

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Character Part 3 Session III

Join Apostle Ruth Peterson as she instructs concerning character Category: EducationUploaded by: anointedonesHosted: youtube

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Character Part 3 Section II

Join Apostle Ruth Peterson as she speaks concerning charcter development and overcoming the works of the flesh. Category: EducationUploaded by: anointedonesHosted: youtube

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